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WhatsApp for Business

Last year, WhatsApp announced that they were looking into tools to help connect businesses and consumers. They have finally announced availability of an official WhatsApp for Business API. This API will finally allow tools such as Ongair enable businesses to perform Customer Support on WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp for Customer Support?

With over 1.5Bn monthly active users, there's a very high chance that most of your customers use this platform everyday. What better way to provide fast and friendly support?

Here's a few reasons why your business should consider WhatsApp...

Seamless two-way communication

With one number, you can have two way communication between your business and customers, where you can both see the full exchange in one view.

End-to-end encryption

Chats are secure encrypted secured end-to-end (meaning from Device to Device). You can pass sensitive information secure from the knowldege that no unintended 3rd party can access those chats.

Rich Multi-media support

Send and receive rich media such as images, video, attachments and voice notes.

WhatsApp + Ongair


Ongair lets you manage your customer support on Messaging Apps. Do custom support on WhatsApp like a pro, with the following features:

  • Multi agent support
  • Automation of replies though A.I
  • Detailed reports about the responsiveness of your business

How do I get access?

It's still early days and WhatsApp is slowly approving more business accounts on WhatsApp. Right now the quickest way is to sign up on here.

During this early access period, a limited number of accounts will be whitelisted to use this service. Once your account is approved you can then connect it to Ongair.

If you'd like to know more and keep up to date with all the developments from WhatsApp, make sure to sign up at Ongair or reach out to us at hello@ongair.im.