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Why Telegram is better than Whatsapp

Of late, there has been a lot of comparison between popular messaging giant WhatsApp and messaging app Telegram. In most cases Telgram has been perceived as the better option and we couldn't agree more ! Here's why....

As it would seem, these 2 apps are very similar, mostly in their UI and overall functionality, but, at the same time, they are also very different.

Telegram is a free to download and install application that offers users an open-source platform with no ads, a clean and fast interface and asks for no payments whatsoever.

Although Whatsapp still remains the most popular messaging app with a growing user base of over 900 million, this past year or so has seen a considerable number of users switch from WhatsApp with most of them moving to Telegram. And for good reason. Telegram offers certain features and functionalities that trump Whatsapp any day.

We’ve come up with a list of 5 of these things that make Telegram a better alternative to Whatsapp.


Perhaps the biggest selling point for Telegram lies in its superior security and encryption features. Founders of the messaging app have continually lauded the application as the most secure messaging app there is out there. Telegram developers are so sure of their creation; they even offered a massive $200,000 dollars for any hacker who can find a loophole in the system.

The no. 1 reason for me to support and help launch Telegram was to build a means of communication that can’t be accessed by the Russian security agencies. – Pavel Durov, Co-founder.

Telegram allows you to send encrypted messages with self-destruct options. Just go to Contacts -> New Secret Chat, select your contact and start talking. Secret chats use a special end-to-end type of encryption that makes sure that messages are saved directly on the phones and not on a server. This offers a better data security guarantee which makes it particularly safe for privacy and prevention of hacker attacks.

The app also contains a special function that allows you to set a timer that automatically deletes all data from a conversation after a certain time.

In contrast, all Whatsapp data is stored on the servers of the company, making it especially vulnerable to attacks by hackers.


Telegram promises to send and receive messages in the least bytes possible. Its speed is brought about by the fact that it uses a decentralized infrastructure model , with data centers positioned around the globe to connect people to the closest possible server. This makes it fast and convenient to send both text messages and large files.

The speed at which Telegram executes commands is lightning and it rarely experiences any outages. In the recent past, there have been complaints that WhatsApp is getting a bit slow, with users citing that it takes time to share large videos or photos. Telegram users on the other hand say they seldom experience any downtime if at all and have no problems sending large files.

Another thing we particularly love about Telegram is that it allows you to play songs and videos from different sources such as Sound cloud, Vimeo and YouTube without leaving the app. You just need to tap on the link and can watch videos or listen to music without having to leave Telegram.

With WhatsApp you would have to open these links on your browser or on another native application.


Unlike Whatsapp, the telegram API is open to developers who can use it to create their own Telegram based apps. The open API is perfect for both users and developers because it means there are lot of interesting chat clients and third party applications built on Telegram.

Users can choose from a wide variety of additional applications and features that work especially well for businesses and companies looking to interact directly with their clients.

Telegram also offers a Bot API platform that allows anyone to easily build specialized tools for Telegram. Bots are special accounts designed to handle messages automatically. Telegram Bots can be used to teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect .integrate with other services among many more uses.


File sharing is also another huge plus for Telegram. There are no restrictions on file sizes or even file types. Telegram supports sending extremely large files that can be up to 1.5GB while WhatsApp can send messages only up to 160 Mb.

Telegram can send any type of file .doc, .ppt, .zip etc while WhatsApp, at the moment can only send media files.


If you enjoy chatting in groups, we guarantee you will love using Telegram. It offers double the maximum number of people allowed to participate in one group session. You can include up to 200 participants in a Telegram group while WhatsApp only allows 100 members per group. You can also send message broadcasts to 100 people at a single time

This article comes days after WhatsApp reportedly blacklisted any Telegram related links on its app. We would like to view this as evidence enough of significant competition between the two.

We highly recommend the use of Telegram as evidenced by the features listed above. For businesses especially there remain a lot of additional features and functionalities that can be used to promote effective customer relation management.

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